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By Shamika Jackson

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VCGW Makes It Possible For YOU To Earn Some Serious Money...Even If You Know Nothing About Internet Marketing!

Become A Paid Member During Pre-Launch (Early-Bird) & We Will Automatically Sponsor 25 to 75 People For You...GUARANTEED!

For the first time EVER, an online business opportunity that offers an affordable, value packed and 100% proven way for average people to make money right from the pre-launch. With either the basic or premium paid membership you instantly receive a guaranteed 25 or 75 sign-ups so you can start making money online immediately.  

Let's cut to the chase. You're here because you need more money, more time and more freedom. You have little time for all the company hype, two-hour hotel meetings, smoke and mirrors, unattainable qualifications, excuses, lip service and broken promises. Sound familiar?

Okay, now that we are on the same page, here's the deal! Become a early bird paid member amd let us to the recruiting for you during pre-launch (the most crucial time to maximize your future earnings!). Success has never been this close, so GET STARTED TODAY for yourself and your family. Opportunities like this don't come around often.

What are the potential earnings from 75 guaranteed sign-ups?

Let's see... 75 paid members like yourself would give you $1,875 in "Fast Start" commissions and a minimum of $450 monthly residual income from the 2x10 forced matrix portion of our powerful compensation plan. But that's just a taste. Remember, you will also recieve 'spillover' from other members that joined before you and that it self could add $100's even $1,000's more in monthly residual income.

That's not all because what if some of those people we sponsor for you also take advantage of our guaranteed sign-ups program and the results duplicate? Ok, let's say only 10 out of your 75 use our guaranteed service. 10 times 75 is 750 people in your organization (plus more spillover).  And you get $6 per person, 6 times 750 is another $4,500 in monthly residual income. And what if some of those duplicated it to?  You get the idea.

Now, will this all work out like we just described?  Probably not exactly, but we do guarantee to recruite the 75 members for you if you become a premium member during pre-launch.

NOTE: In the above example, we didn't even discuss all the other commissions you would be earning as well like the daily 'paid-per-actions' from you and team.  Or, the matching checks you would be getting from the leaders within your team!

Just a few dozen signups can pull in thousands of dollars for you via the up-front and residual income from these programs. And the most guaranteed way to get those sign-ups is by upgrading yourself to either the 'basic' or the 'premium' membership during pre-launch. Just Click Link below and start making money....

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